Sunday, November 26, 2006

C sells sanctuary

Further to my previous post, take a look at these links:

Wikipedia article on Obfuscated code (including information on the infamous Obfuscated C contest)

The C shell is a Berkeley extension* to Unix aimed at making shell (command line interface) programming more intuitive to C programmers. But it has its problems:

Csh Programming Considered Harmful

People who agree with the above statement/article usually program in the Bourne shell or one of its derivatives, such as bash (the Bourne Again Shell) or ksh (the Korn Shell).

I use Zsh.

I like cake--Ed.

*Note that the article is technically inaccurate - the Berkeley extensions were added not just to System V but starting way back in 7th Edition (yes, that's right; Unix version names are a little crazy; maybe that's why it survived†); they were also added to various vendors' Unix versions.

†With apologies to Seal

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