Friday, November 17, 2006

Comical B-Ali

So Steve Ballmer thinks Linux infringes on his company's intellectual property? Really, Steve? I thought Linux was communism; or was it cancer? Or maybe all your pronouncements on the subject are just FUD.

Notwithstanding my views on the value of the concept itself, we've heard it before. Anyone remember the SCO case? No? Well maybe that's because the case has no merit. But due to the complexities (ahem) of the US legal system, the case hasn't even gone to trial yet.

I see Ballmer is also making no promises that he won't sue Linux users who don't use Novell Linux. And maybe he'll sue some (but no longer all) of those who use Red Hat Linux. Or maybe we will wake up tomorrow and he'll have promised not to sue any of 'em.

So as a Gentoo user, his threats to sue threaten me, and do you know what I say, Mr. Microsoft? Bring it on, Steve.

Bring it on.

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