Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fun with Big Brother, er Blue

I'm reading the Wikipedia article on the IBM System/36, a "mid-range" small business minicomputer and forerunner to the AS/400. It contains such gems as this:

The smallest S/36 had 128K of RAM and a 30 MB hard drive. (That's 128 kilobytes... less than some modern calculators. And the mammoth 12-inch hard drive spindle could be replaced by the storage capacity of a JumpDrive.)

The article is clearly written by someone who remembers the S/36 fondly - perhaps he still uses them; I don't know. When discussing the printing of paycheques, he goes on to say:

The expensive check forms must be perfectly aligned or all of the numbers won't fit in the little boxes, which is tragic.

I had better stop now or I'll end up quoting the whole article or being accused of plagiarism, or both. But for your reading pleasure:


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