Monday, November 27, 2006

No sleep

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I woke up at 0400 this morning. Fortunately it gave me a chance to get through a bit more of Set in Darkness, Ian Rankin's Y2K novel about a murder on the soon-to-be-Scottish-Parliamentary grounds.

"SiD" is the first Rankin novel I've read, and it's quite enjoyable, though a bit predictable to be honest. His "Holmes", Rebus, is standard detective-novel fare (inasmuch as I know what "standard detective novel fare" is, as I've only just started picking up on the genre after reading Frank Tallis's excellent Vienna Blood (oddly, his website does not yet - November 2006 - seem to refer to the book, though it was published on 4 May of this year according to; I've read several Sherlock Holmes books, and do quite enjoy several "television versions" of detectives-in-novels, though, such as Dalziel and Pascoe and the immortal Morse). Rebus is a divorced cop with a drink problem, maybe a little bit of a loner, fond of going his own merry way on an investigation: picture Supt. Dalziel with a Scottish accent and without (so far) a trusted assistant in the manner of Peter Pascoe. Apparently John Hannah played him (Rebus) in a few television-movie type adaptations; I have to say that from how I've pictured him in the books, the "new" TV-Rebus, Ken Stott, would seem to be a much better fit - Hannah seems just a little bit young for the part, among other things. Of course SiD is fairly new and the series is already fairly extensive, so maybe he's a better fit for a younger Rebus. (After all, after nearly 50 years, by all rights we should be giving people like Sir Ian McKellen the role of the new Bond! Not sure that would work, really. Double-oh-Gandalf?!)

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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