Sunday, November 26, 2006


I couldn't help myself; I just had to listen to Värttinä again. This time it was their latest offering, Miero. I can't find a review that doesn't praise this album, and I can see why; it has its weaker moments, (9 Lukkoa, Mataleena, Maaria), but overall this disc just shines. It's certainly weird, but some of us reserve that word to be used as a compliment. You can find news, reviews, and merchandise on the band's website: but if I were you I'd just go out and buy one (or more!) of their albums - also available on I recommend either of Ilmatar (once described as "the album Värttinä were created to make" or words to that effect); or Miero. Oi Dai, Seleniko and Aitara are also popular choices, apparently (I can't comment as I haven't heard them yet). You can pay by Paypal or, in the unlikely event that you're coming to this website from Suomi (that's the lovely word for the country in its own language, btw) just to find out about my favourite Finnish band, you can purchase via several other methods, including the exotic and beautifully named "Osuuspankin verkkomaksu".

Nauttikaa - Enjoy!!!

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