Friday, December 15, 2006

Captain's Log, Stardate: Christmas

I'm an avid collector of Star Trek: The Collector's Edition (if a collector of all issues of something without an issue of which, your collection wouldn't be worth much can be called "avid"), but in recent months for various reasons, the issues hadn't been coming according to the regular schedule.

I finally received issues 62 and 68 (don't ask) two weeks ago, and today, I received the remainder of the issues I was missing, including those which the website currently lists as "current" and "next". Unless they are going to pull a rabbit out of their hat, this completes the collection, which consists of all episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD, plus all ten movies (including a special, remastered edition of Star Trek: The Motionless Picture as we Trekkers like to call it), and a full colour glossy magazine accompanying each DVD.

So In total I have received no less than 9 DVD's this month.

Anyone would think it was Christmas.

(Ebony, the cat, a gorgeous little black thing of whom I shall have to upload a photo, was obviously very annoyed; she'd been sitting on my lap whilst I was checking my email and had to get off when I got up to answer the door. So when I started opening the packets, I had them strewn across a table, off of which she promptly started to throw episodes.

Cheeky so-and-so.)

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