Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Danced with the Devil in the Redmond Light

Further to my earlier post on the resignation of Samba's Jeremy Allison from Novell, a thought just occured to me:

MS claims that its deal is to "improve interoperability" between Linux and Microsoft products. Leaving aside the fact that Samba already existed without the help of Microsoft, that if Microsoft want to improve Linux code it's already out there for all to see, and that Microsoft have always been the number one barrier to interoperability with Microsoft, what happens to these so-called "interoperability" efforts if the organisation with whom Microsoft signed a GPL-contravening exclusive agreement "to improve interoperability" has no staff working on a product of which the maintainers have already said they are moving to GPL3 to close the loophole "Microvel" exploited?

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