Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jargon, Schmargon

In these days of Graphical User Interfaces and lawsuits against companies who have the "audacity" to serve coffee hot, expressing opinions like those in this post is liable to get you burnt at the metaphorical stake by people sticking up for the "common man" (if you're brave enough to read through the comments you will see that I, too, have found it necessary to stick my oar in).

One of the things that computer people often get pulled up for is using "computer jargon", but the fact is, every walk of life has its own jargon. An example: My mother has a mortar and pestle on her windowsill, which she uses to grind up spices. This may make me sound dumb, but today I had to ask her which was the mortar and which was the pestle.

So why don't they just call it a bowl and stick?


Mickey said...

And almost anyone who knows Mexican cooking would call the mortar and pestle a molcajete (even though the part that you hold in your hand is actually a tejolote. Grin.

Jeff said...


Interesting. They sound Nahuatl (Aztec) to me...