Thursday, December 21, 2006

Personality Nut

Wikipedia reports that the President-f0r-life of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov (trying saying that after a few glasses of ginger wine) has died, leaving a power vacuum in the country due to the fact that no-one was allowed to intrude on his little personality cult.

You know, it makes me wonder what, in the psyche of human beings, is it that makes them set things up so that they're irreplaceable? I mean, job security you can sort of understand, but do these tinpot dictators somehow believe that they will be able to exert some influence over the country even when they're gone? If they do, they better take a lesson from the example of King Juan Carlos of Spain. The young "Prince of Spain" was groomed by "Generalisimo" Franco to take over from him on the dictator's death, whereupon, the new King announced that Spain was going to undergo (what would ultimately prove a successful) transition to a democratic, secular, parliamentary, and federal-in-all-but-name state. The antithesis of everything, in short, that Francisco Franco Bahamonde, to give him his full name, stood for.

Whoops. Cocked up there, didn't we, Frankie? Kudos, Carlos.

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