Monday, May 28, 2007

Cognitive Dissonance?

For a long time, I used 'vi' as my editor in Linux, since I used to only make small edits to files, vi's key "combinations" are quick to type and mnemonic (yes, really!), and vi itself starts up like greased lightning.

Having recently started to make an effort to learn Lisp, i switched to EMACS, as there's a (text-based) IDE for the language which runs on top of Emacs, called the Superior Lisp Interaction mode for Emacs (or SLIME). So I decided to switch to Emacs as my main text editor - for programming, at least.

And I just caught myself using 'vi' to add a python-editing mode to Emacs...


Tordek said...

You need not suffer while using the OS-within-an-OS editor. M-x viper-mode will give you all the vi keystrokes.

Jeff said...

Haha thanks very much! ;-)