Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Asperger's and Lunch

It may be a totally unscientific diagnosis, but among the symptoms of Asperger's I can say I probably suffer from in Wikipedia's article on the subject are:
  • Narrow interests or preoccupation with a subject to the exclusion of other activities - Hmm, I wonder what those might be;
  • Peculiarities in speech or language - for hysterical raisins;
  • Socially...inappropriate behaviour - I speak out of turn a lot;
  • Problems with nonverbal communication - What do you mean, you were only joking?;
  • Clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements - As easy as falling off a log.
Of course some of these might be written off as mere eccentricities (except that, as a friend notes, I'm not rich), or as side effects of spina bifida, of which I appear to have a mild form of the most serious type (if that makes sense). Taken together, however, it's all very suggestive.

Ironically, considering I've only recently found out about Asperger's, I've had to conciously work on many of the symptoms (as further described in the Wikipedia article) most of my life. I can particularly remember periods when I have found it extremely difficult to keep eye-contact - particularly with people who have domineering personalities. At such times I talk to people whilst staring at the floor - which must make it particularly difficult for people to understand me, as I also appear to clutter.

No doubt it's as a result of building up a defence that I now have what other people might well be justified in naming a domineering personality.

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