Sunday, July 08, 2007

SBO's (Statements of Bleeding Obviousness)

A headline by the BBC on our former, dearly-departed* Prime Minister Tony Blair states that the "[presumably Iraq] War was Blair's hardest choice."

Well, phew! Thank goodness! I'd hate** to think that his most difficult choice in ten years as PM was, oh, I don't know, deciding what flavour of toothpaste to use. (Though I notice he never had much difficulty choosing between throwing away [other] people's civil liberties and, ooh, not.) Because, you know, when a policy decision could result throwing away thousands of our young people's lives, I'd kinda sorta hope he might take that just a little bit seriously.

*I don't mean what you think I mean. Think again.
**Actually, I do enjoy thinking the worst of politicians, cynical bastard that I am. And they're always so eager to prove me right to do so. (Bless their little cotton socks.)

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