Sunday, June 13, 2010

A real (Ruby) Gem

Perhaps there's something about the Ruby language or its community that make it especially user-friendly to clueless programmers like myself! I've bought two books about the language, Programming Ruby, by Dave Thomas, et al., and Learning to Program, by Chris Pine (no, not the Chris Pine from the recent Star Trek movie - though it appears that this Chris Pine was (wholly?) responsible for the game Civilisation III. I have a copy of Civilisation II and treasure it - maybe I should check out III too.

Anyway, there's something about these two books - both from the Pragmatic Programmers - which make them really easy to understand. I'd like to think part of the reason I'm having more success (so far - it's early days) is that I'm sitting down, as I said in my last post, for a planned hour each day, whereas in the past I have bitten off great chunks, as and when I could fit them in. Not a good idea to learn anything really! But I really do applaud the PP's for their light-hearted, easily readable and understandable side - some computer books could, unfortunately, bore the pants off the nerdiest of computer geeks, but these guys actually make programming fun. I'd like to know what other people think of them, too - this kind of thing is so very definitely personal taste! Anyway, I've done my hour of programming and managed to get a bit of blogging in, too - so I'm going to sign off now. Good night!

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